Bruce Crowe Consulting


  • Executive search and management recruitment
  • Selecting and structuring teams and community advisory groups
  • Assisting professionals prepare resumes and job applications
  • Integrity checks of employees, candidates and other persons of interest

Case Study

In addition to services described in other staffing case studies, a case on Community Advisory Groups follows.

A public utility was committed to setting up community consultation committees for the life of major facilities upgrades at three sites in greater Sydney. The utility had advertised for expressions of interest and received written applications from many people in the areas affected. To help keep the appointment process objective and fair, a consultant with knowledge of group composition and functioning was engaged to evaluate the suitability of each written application and the role each applicant might play in a group with a certain composition, and to propose who might make up the groups.

This was a desk top exercise with written applications and the entity’s applicant specification and brief to work with. After much deliberation and consideration of what people appeared to be offering, and after reflecting upon and applying wherever possible the body of knowledge relating to group composition and functioning, proposed groups were identified. The three exercises were separated by a couple of months.

The community groups received a “tick” from the client.