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All of the Human Resources Consulting Services offered might be needed by CEO’s and Boards for application to their own teams or to their corporate teams.

Case Study

An example of using an attitude survey to assist senior management to formulate strategies follows.

A large community services group wanted to find out teenagers’ attitudes towards them and their services, so that the group could shape its marketing to achieve future strategic objectives. The strategic issue the group faced was that its member base was falling and new generations needed to be engaged to ensure its continuity.

After several drafts, an agreed survey was presented electronically to some 2,000 people aged between 16 and 20; most were 18. The responses were collected through a web page and processed by the system into basic reports with frequencies, percentages and graphs. The program design allowed sub group analyses, and these were carried out for residence area, gender, and age, and combinations of those features.

Extensive analysis resulted in a series of reports that provided both basic data and overarching implications. The client had intended to repeat the survey each year thereafter, but found that the original data mine was so rich that they were still working with it after twelve months.