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Learning & development

  • Teaching management subjects at MBA and post graduate standards
  • Developing and delivering team development programs
  • Supervising intern psychologists for State Registration
  • Devising, specifying and computerising student placement control systems

Case Study

In addition to L&D services described in other case studies, a description of Intern Psychologist Supervision follows.

Intern psychologists are graduates of four years of accredited university study who are provisionally registered with the NSW Psychologists Registration Board, and who have to complete a minimum of two years supervision. During the supervision the interns must achieve competency in specified skills, and must complete a minimum number of hours of face-to-face and/or group supervision and workshops. The Primary Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the intern completes the supervision requirements prior to Registration as a Psychologist.

The usual pattern is for supervisor and intern to meet fortnightly for two hours to review the intern’s psychological work and their progress towards completing their certificates. Discussions typically cover work technical issues, work place relationships, career paths and the role of a psychologist in particular events. Any areas of the syllabus not covered naturally in the course of talking about the intern’s experiences is covered through examples from the supervisor’s experience, by setting tasks for the intern, and/or by seeking input from a Secondary Supervisor or through a training workshop.

Some interns attend private colleges that provide workshops and practicums that cover the core syllabus and certificates. Other interns are fully dependent on the Supervisor to help them meet the Registration Board’s requirements. A small number of interns are employed psychologists or human resources managers doing post graduate studies in organisational psychology, and their supervision pattern is primarily one of direct one-to-one support that follows the university’s placement and supervision requirements.

All the interns I have supervised personally throughout their internship have achieved Registration.