Bruce Crowe Consulting

Psychological assessment & feedback

This process involves testing using traditional tools suited to the assessment purpose, and giving personal feedback. Testing can be paper and pencil or computer based, and is usually done in private. Whenever possible, feedback is face-to-face, but can be by video link or telephone. Assessments provide information to support hiring, promotion and career development decisions.

Case Study

In a recruiting assignment, several short list candidates were tested for their intellectual strengths, management potential and personality using a battery of respected and well standardised psychological tests, and reports were prepared for the client.

After a first interview with the lead short list candidate, the client was “not sure” that we had the right person. The client agreed to have further discussions with the candidate in less formal circumstances, and while that happened reference checks were done. The next day the client was very positive about the candidate, who had opened up over dinner. Reference checks revealed that the candidate was a national water polo player of note, a group known for their strong personal motivation. It also became evident that the candidate was then under the tutelage of one of the best entrepreneur developers in the country. The quiet first impression that had turned the client off initially was replaced by an impression of substance that was consistent with the assessment results.

The candidate was the first employee of what became the largest network of family restaurants in the country. He learned well from his mentor, and built up a successful business over twenty years. He went on to hold Board Directorships in other successful Australian companies. Without the assessment results that reflected his substance, he could have been written off as lightweight, and the client would not have enjoyed the contribution the candidate made.