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Motivational & change strategies

Behaviour based motivational and change strategies for individuals and groups for particular purposes are based on sound professional practices and experience. Working with people individually and in teams, their aspirations and expectations are shaped to achieve objectives and targets. Contributions can be made to sharpening and focusing the motivation of individuals and teams, shaping their behaviour productively, and developing self sufficiency, impetus and purpose.

Case Study

A national sporting code was concerned about the supply of entry level players in NSW, and assigned a successful club manager from interstate to lift the NSW game. The new manager found regional representatives’ activities were disjointed, uncoordinated and inconsistent. The state manager wanted to get the representatives working to the same tune with consistent programs, and commissioned a team development project to help achieve that goal.

The consultant took a brief from the manager and spoke with each representative, and built up a picture of participants’ views and experiences. A two day team development workshop followed. The objectives of day 1 were to share expectations, resolve misunderstandings and identify issues that were then pursued on day 2, with the objective of agreeing a set of shared plans to roll out a fresh program for attracting new players. A series of exercises took participants through a logical process in which they individually and collectively worked out what they needed to do. The process encouraged individual responsibility and collective ownership of the resultant regional and state plans that were subsequently translated into action.

In the years since in NSW, the code has grown in popularity and following, the number of national competition teams has doubled, and one has won the national title.